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  • What’s this tip malarkey then?

    The Ermine is tickled by the idea that sometime I write something that makes you laugh, or spill coffee or beer into your keyboard. Or simply brightens your day enough to look out of the window and marvel at a robin out there. Work is overrated IMO and needs the odd bit of light relief 🙂

    Anyway if I’ve improved your day in some small way, then you’re welcome to show appreciate via tiptheweb, and thank you! Jacob ERE described the process so much better than I have so take a look. I pinched the idea from him. There’s also a FAQ from Tip The Web.

    What’s the tip going to go towards? Hosting fees, red wine, beer and generally living like a king. In the unlikely event that it gets above the level of JSA in the UK over a year then I will think  again and take my responsibility to society more seriously along the lines of that Money Mustache fellow 😉

    But above all else, enjoy. It’s there if you want to, but a good belly laugh that makes your coworkers go WTF is also a great way to tip the ermine!

    Why no adsense/what’s with the Amazon ads?

    The big, big problem with any site that mentions personal finance is that automatically generated ads tend to run against the ethos of the message. I run ad-block pro so I didn’t realise that but when I did I took corrective action. I’m not advertising Wonga or the Money shop. I hope that nobody reading this would think that’s a good idea, but I’m just not riding the same bus as those guys. The Amazon ads are for books I’ve mentioned or stuff I have used. I can vouch for these because I’ve used or read them, though your local library deserves support first.

    There’s a school of thought that the drive-by advertising model is the original sin of the web, leading to all the tracking and surveillance evilness out there. Tip the web is a hark back to a simpler model of I liked this, here’s a tip. I kinda like that 🙂



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