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  • Facebook Becomes Evil

    Just when an Ermine thinks it’s safe to poke an inquisitive snout out into the open after the disconcerting Ladbrokes double vision along comes another corporation that believes actually delivering something to you in return for your hard-earned cash is all too much trouble.

    Hello fresh-faced Mark Zuckerberg, take a bow, your organ spake thusly to it’s victims future shaftees prospective customers

    Real money gaming is a popular and well-regulated activity in the UK and we are allowing a partner to offer their games to adult users on the Facebook platform in a safe and controlled manner.

    Fantastic. That’s all right then. Fortunately the Ermine has got one of those EU translation babelfish in its virtual mind, and a swift spin of the ‘translate this for me please’ dial brought up this

    Yup, That’s what we really need in this septic isle at the moment. More ways to separate the punters from their money. Crikey, even as Labour’s Harriet Harman and David Blunkett admit they made a cod’s of the gambling reform in 2005 that facilitated the rash of  betting machines.

    What exactly is the point of Facebook nowadays?

    I’ve been trying to work out what the hell Facebook is for these days. It used to be straightforward, you could see what your mates were up to and share photos of inebriated indiscretions. Oh and make the clock in the office go round faster 😉 Then bloody Farmville showed up and all manner of associated spurious garbage, which meant I was bombarded with crap until I found a way to ice these requests. Did make me wonder what some folks were paid for doing all day 😉

    Now you get businesses inciting you to like them on facebook, and all round facebook appears in too many places where it shouldn’t. Like all those blasted strings of ‘social media buttons’. One or two or three might be okay. This is over the top

    Daily Fail social media come-hithers

    Even The Economist wants you to like them on Facebook. And Pinterest, FFS. Have they no self-respect?

    I kid you not. The Economist hasn’t got enough friends on Facebook, poor dears.

    I run using AdBlock Plus so it was news to me that there were ads on Facebook so I had to stop that to research whether Friendzy was real – I thought people were having me on at first. But it’s all too real.

    Facebook used to be useful as social media. It’s becoming a stream of advertising evil – and for me it’s getting to the point where Facebook jumps the shark. Apparently that would mean I self-identify as a psychopath – it has to be admitted the Daily Mail article is more entertaining 😉

    Zuckerberg – “Damn, I usually get my PA to deal with these things”

    Anyway, I guess I’ve found out what the point of Facebook is. To make the Facebook corporation richer, and its original purpose as a virtual noticeboard just doesn’t do that very well. Even if it does project its human face as the gangly and affable down-dressed Zuckerberg who can’t drive an ATM, there is an evil heart beating within. Banned from offering gambling to its US customers, it will insert its money funnel into the Great British Public, bringing Real Money Gaming to a Screen Near You right away. Looking at the ad it will also share with your pals that you are dumb enough to play fixed odds betting.

    FWIW I don’t think they should ban it. Just make it a regulatory requirement that there is a running tally on the website, to the rough effect of

    Friendz Take in the last 24h: 10,998,567

    Punters Take in the last 24h: 00,056,078

    and each time you bet, it posts to your news feed

    HAHAHAHA – JOE LOSER Lost £500 on Friendz Just now!!!

    If you’re too dumb to get it after seeing that, you probably deserve the right royal shafting you’re about to take.

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