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  • Caveat lector

    Caveat lector

    This is my opinion. It’s worth what you paid for it 🙂 Everybody’s financial situation is different, what’s right for me isn’t necessarily right for you. I might even get something wrong at times. I do try and point to sources, but if you need UK financial advice then you should either

    • preferably take the time out to understand what you are doing and DYOR (do your own research)
    • or if you can’t be bothered then consider paying for an independent financial adviser, on a fee, not commission basis. Moneysavingexpert’s guide to how to choose and pay an IFA is excellent. The UK government’s  FSA has advice available, and this cautionary tale from Monevator is worth reading 🙂

    […] response to inflation and the threshold is my opinion, and should be read as such. Look at the data and form your own opinion, and act accoringly. None of this should be construed […]

    Refreshing blog, just read a couple of articles after my wife sent me a link (who’s a fan). Love the intertwined philosophy snippets and open, insightful writing.

    I’d already decided to try something like this and not quite 2 months in, its pretty challenging but has already won me over. Essentially I’m working for myself now, for free 😉

    […] I had a DC pension I would soon be able to draw it. As a brutal simplification that everyone should qualify for their own circumstances, it makes sense to draw a DC pension as soon as possible, all other things being equal. By drawing […]


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