Scandinavian invasion – Waxwings

This morning I heard a welcome noise, a fine trilling in the air. It can mean only one thing, Scandinavian invaders on the loose. Stand by your ornamental garden berries!



These guys had come all the way from Scandinavia over here, in search of berries. And they parked themselves on a telephone pole at the end of my road. so I could go get a camera for a second look at these handsome creatures with their jaunty crests. They aren’t particularly shy, and tend to group in garrulous flocks, trilling away to each other.



what they're really after is berries

what they’re really after is berries

They post some of the ranks on the telephone pole as lookout, busily digesting the spoils of war.

waxwings massing

waxwings massing keeping a lookout

Sitting around also helps them digest 🙂

They crap a lot too

They crap a lot too

It’s kinda rude to ignore something as lovely as these guys, and what’s nice about them is they are drawn to urban areas, because fo the ornamental berry crop. They aren’t particularly shy and have a penchant for supermarket car parks which have a lot of that as low ground cover. first time I’ve had them in my road!

How fluffy and well padded they look! That little yellow tip on the tail is audacious, beautiful photographs!

Beautiful birds. Hope they stay around for the Garden Birdwatch! I don’t think they ever get as far over as land-locked Shropshire, can’t navigate Birmingham’s airspace!!
I’ll make do with Red Kites.

Fantastic photographs! I love them. One of the good things about winter- you can see the wild life better. I can see a pair of woodpeckers feeding -whereas I can only hear them and occasionally get a glimpse the rest of the year.

How can something so cute poop so much!? I wonder how far in miles they have to fly and how long it takes them to get here in the UK, all these questions, time to jump on Google! 😀


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